We’re back from Cornwall after a very enjoyable visit to the South-West of England. We’re going to the German island of Sylt soon and have two more interesting trips coming up in August. For now, we hope that you enjoyed our last week’s content. Here are all our posts summed up. St. Ives is a truly beautiful spot in Cornwall. Here are our first impressions! A good, but not amazing Hilton property… Read More

We’re currently in Cornwall, enjoying the beautiful landscape. As you can see here on traveluxblog, we’ve already released a couple of impressions. In addition, you were to enjoy several reviews, guides much more this week. If you missed anything, here’s all our content summed up. Looking for a hotel on Bali? Here’s our extensive review of the Conrad Bali! Flying with KLM soon? Here’s our review of the KLM Crown Lounge Amsterdam… Read More

One week, just two flights and no hotel stay. Sounds crazy for me, but sometimes there’s work that needs to be done. Next week will be more ‘crazy’ when it comes to travelling again. For now, I hope that you enjoyed our new content here on traveluxblog. Here’s our weekly look back! Exploring a city, I’ve been to a couple of times. Impressions of Düsseldorf! Great for a relaxed holiday on Cyprus:… Read More

We hope that you had a stunning week! We arrived back from our trip to the Seychelles and Eastern Europe and just did a quick trip to Düsseldorf this week. Nevertheless, we still released a lot of new content here on traveluxblog. If you missed anything, here are all the posts summed up! We started into the week with impressions of beautiful Oslo in Norway! If you are travelling to Wales, you… Read More

After an amazing holiday on the Seychelles, we are on our way back home. Even though we were on holidays, we released lots of new content here on traveluxblog and hope that you enjoyed our reviews, guides as well as new impressions. Here’s all our content summed up! On the way to the Seychelles, we checked out the Ethiopian Airlines Cloud 9 Lounge Addis Ababa. An amazing luxury hotel in Auckland. Here’s… Read More

Time goes by quickly! We’ve shared several new impressions, guides and reviews with you this week. While there won’t be many new impressions at the beginning of next week, the next trip is already starting by the end of the week. So, stay tuned and enjoy our last week’s content! How’s flying Business Class with Oman Air like? Here are our first impressions! An affordable hotel in the heart of Sydney. Our… Read More

An exciting week is coming to an end. We’ve started the week with exploring Muscat in Oman before continuing to Zanzibar, where we enjoyed the beaches and are now discovery Stone Town. On traveluxblog, we’ve mixed some reviews and guides with new impressions. We hope you enjoyed the content and keep on following. Here’s our weekly summary! Definitely a good choice for staying in Hamburg. Our review of the new Reichshof Hamburg!… Read More

A quick business trip to Istanbul and lot’s of work in the office. This week on traveluxblog was nothing special when it comes to new impressions. Yet, we’ve relased several new posts for you and hope that you kept on enjoying those. Starting from Monday, we’ll have several new impressions of our current trip to the South of France for you! A little disappointing. Our extensive review of the new Pullman Sydney… Read More

We hope that you had a very nice week and enjoyed travelling or just relaxing at home. We at traveluxblog spent most of our time producing new content four you guys. Thus, we hope you enjoyed the content we released and look forward to seeing you around next week! Classic, but quite nice in many regards. Impressions of InterContinental Madrid! Such a phenomenal lounge. Impressions of the new Swiss Senator Lounge Zurich… Read More

This week we didn’t release too many new impressions, but instead focused on guides and reviews. We hope that our content was as helpful and entertaining as usual and you enjoyed reading! Here are all our posts summed up! Looking for a comfortable place to stay in Hamburg? Impressions of Le Meridien Hamburg! Our weekly hotel review features the more than decent DoubleTree Doha Old Town! Emirates is a great choice for… Read More