Building Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania and thus located in Eastern Europe. Although Bucharest might not be the first city you’re interested in when it comes to travelling Europe, I came to the conclusion that Bucharest shows just very adequately life in Eastern Europe as Bucharest is rarely touristic. Which does not mean that …

Bucharest Palace of the Parliament

Bucharest is one of the lesser touristic capitals in Eastern Europe. Romania is a comparable poor country which can also partly be seen in its capital Bucharest. Nevertheless, a city trip to Bucharest sounds right perfect, as not everything in Bucharest is just shiny like in Prague or in Budapest, but rather adequate and real. …

Ateneul Romana Concert Hall Bucharest

Bucharest is the city which definitely surprises us this weekend. It is autumn, it is November and usually, you think of rain and wind. However, Bucharest shows its sides in glory sunshine and with breathtaking sunsets over the skyline. A lot to discover!  

Athénée Palace Bucharest

Where to stay in Bucharest? Athénée Palace Hilton has the reputation to be one of the best hotels in the Romanian capital. Check-in was not so great and the interior of the room is dated, but the Executive Lounge was a very positive surprise!