Running in Boston

Running in Boston was something I was looking forward to some time as I heard about the good running conditions in the city. However, I wasn’t expecting that I would be running in Winter Wonderland once again after my journey through Helsinki in January. Anyways, running in Boston was very enjoyable nevertheless, even though the snow made it a little more tough than expected! Find more content about Boston on our city page!… Read More

Running in Chicago

At first sight, Chicago doesn’t look like a perfect city for running. However, there are some nice routes that are perfect for a little run in the morning. When I went running in Chicago, there was another problem: Ice! As it was freezing cold in Chicago for weeks and there were tons of snow, only a few routes were easy to run. The others were more a very special experience! Learn more… Read More

With the Hotel Adlon in Berlin as a location to start your run, you can’t really take a wrong route. However, I’d recommend to follow a very special one if you want to connect an amazing run with some great sightseeing in the city. I was lucky enough to not only see much of the Boulevard “Unter den Linden”, but also many amazing museums and the parliament buildings. Not to forget about… Read More

There are many people who don’t go running in winter. Why? That’s tough question to answer as running in winter times can be absolutely amazing. When I visited Helsinki in January, I decided to not only go running once, but twice. My second tour was a combined leisure and sightseeing tour through the city center. Something I’d definitely recommend to do no matter what season you are visiting Helsinki. Find more content… Read More

Luxembourg is not only a financial center and the home of some institutions of the European Union, it is also a very nice city to go for a run. The most amazing thing about running in Luxembourg are the views that you are able to enjoy on several different points. Interesting architecture and nice parks complement the amazing running experience. Find more content about Luxembourg on our city page! My run in Luxembourg… Read More

Usually, I’m going for a run in bigger cities, so I can do some sightseeing while running. In Cascais, the blue sky, the sun and the amazing views were just too great to not go for a costal run. Looking back, the run in Cascais was one of the greatest I’ve done in my life – especially in December. Find more content about Cascais on our city page! There are several reasons why… Read More

Sometimes you are lucky with the weather and sometimes you are not. In Gdansk, I had the feeling that I was blessed and deuced at the very same time. When I went running in the beautiful Polish port city, the sun was either shining or it was raining and very cloudy. Even though the weather was not any consistent, the run was a real joy – some beautiful pictures are the result!… Read More