Running in Hoi An

Running in Hoi An was an interesting experience for me. Not only because there’s beautiful nature, but because I went in a different direction to what everybody knows about the city. Join me on this run to understand why! You can find more content about Hoi An on our city page! I’m a big fan of seeing a city through different eyes when it comes to running. This is something that was… Read More

Running in Alexandria

Running in Alexandria is a really odd experience. The city doesn’t really boost any running areas, but there’s at least a decent enough promenade to run along. If you happen to be in town, this running guide will hopefully help you! You can find more content about Alexandria on our city page! I’m relatively sure that only very few of you are in Alexandria on a regular basis, but if you are,… Read More

Running in Lyon

Running in Lyon is a beautiful experience, especially due to the two rivers crossing town. I was lucky enough to go running on a sunny morning, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Check out the beautiful experience that is running in Lyon! You can find more content about Lyon on our city page! There are so many French cities, which are really charming, but Lyon is definitely one of the highlights…. Read More

Running in Montevideo

Running in Montevideo is quite an enjoyable experience, especially when you can run along the beachfront. In this guide I’ll take you with me on my run through the city and explain why I enjoyed doing sports in the capital of Uruguay! You can find more content about Montevideo on our city page! When in Montevideo, I was luckily enough to weak up on a sunny morning, which was perfectly inviting for… Read More

Running in Queenstown

Runnning in Queenstown is a very nice experience as the city has one of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Check out this running guide to learn, why running in Queenstown is a must! You can find more content about Queenstown on our city page! When staying at the amazing Eichardt’s Private Hotel, I decided to go for a run in the amazing Queenstown Gardens, just around the corner. Distance: 5 Kilometers Calories… Read More

Running in Bristol

Running in Bristol is a very enjoyable experience as the city allows running along its various rivers and canals. If you happen to visit Bristol, I’d highly recommend giving it a try! You can find more content about Bristol on our city page! My running guides mainly serve the purpose of showing you why running in particular places is a great thing to do. In Bristol, this is particularly true as you… Read More

Running in Verona

Running in Verona is a great experience. As the river goes around the city center, you can run on a beautiful promenade for a couple of kilometers. Follow my running experience and follow up by running in Verona yourself! You can find more content about Verona on our city page! When I went running in Verona, I was really blessed with the weather. It was not only sunny, but also comfortably warm,… Read More

Running in Buenos Aires

Running in Buenos Aires can be a very enjoyable experience. This is especially true if you are staying in the Puerto Madero area. Here, you can find the Reserva Ecologica Costanera Sur, which is a beautiful nature reserve just minutes away from the busy city. When visiting Buenos Aires, we stayed at the Hilton Buenos Aires and thus were very close to the┬áReserva Ecologica Costanera Sur. Distance: 6.5 Kilometers Calories burned: 375-425… Read More

Running in Auckland

Running in Auckland can be a truly enjoyable experience. Especially on the waterfront, Auckland is a beautiful place for a run. Even though I didn’t have much time, I tremendously enjoyed my run. You can find more content about Auckland on our city page! This will be one of the shorter running guides as I just went for a quick 3.5 kilometers run in the morning. Distance: 3.5 Kilometers Jogged alititude: 10… Read More

Running in Melbourne

Running in Melbourne was a very enjoyable experience. Why? Because Melbourne is in fact one of the nicest metropolises for running. In this guide, I’ll help you to get an idea on why you should go running in the Australian city as well! You can find more content about Melbourne on our city page! Regular readers of this blog know that I actually prefer a run along the river or in nature… Read More