Salzburg View

Salzburg is the city where the famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and lived. Even though Salzburg’s tourism is surely motivated by Mozart, the city in Austria has much more to offer! Especially the old buildings and past architecture are worth checking out, but also the inner city and the Hohensalzburg Fortress. Breath historic (fl)air Admittedly, this may not be a real activity to do. But I promise you, when being… Read More

Bus in Salzburg

Salzburg is one of the most historic and enjoyable cities in Europe. However, as the city is not really big, exploring the city by foot is quite easy. Nevertheless, there is quite an extensive public transportation network in Salzburg. If you are travelling to the second biggest city in Austria, you may be happy about our guide featuring the S-Bahn trains, buses, taxis and much more! Find more content about Salzburg on… Read More

Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport serves a little less than two million passengers a year. However, it is still the second biggest airport in Austria. Located very close to Salzburg, the airport has a great connection to the city and several holiday destinations in the Alps. Apart from seasonal charter flights, there are also several regular connections, especially to Scandinavia and Germany. Learn more about Salzburg on our city page! Salzburg Airport is a very… Read More

Running in Salzburg

Even though I was not blessed with the weather, I decided to have a run in beautiful Salzburg. A very good decision as it occurred as running in Salzburg is a real pleasure. Next to the river Salzach, there are many paths for cyclists and runners only which makes running easy and enjoyable at the same time. But the most important fact about running in Salzburg are the great views for sure…. Read More

Hotel Sacher Salzburg Exterior

Hotel Sacher Salzburg – this name was kind of appealing to us as the hotel is known for being one of the best ones in Austria. As we expected a lot, our stay was a little disappointing. The room we got had a very nice bathroom, but both, our afternoon tea and our breakfast, were not of the highest standard. Sadly, the gym and the little spa are no five star standard as… Read More

Salzburg in Austria is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been so far. I’m pretty sure mostly everyone has heard about Salzburg yet because of one very famous and important composer of the 18th century: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Salzburg is also known to be the city of Mozart. We discovered Salzburg on a beautiful winter day by foot, imagining to follow Mozart’s steps about over 200 years later. You will see… Read More

Today, we arrived at a house with tradition which goes back to the 19th century: The Hotel Sacher in Salzburg, Austria. The room we got is one of the more modern ones of the hotel. What do you think about the design?