Railjet Prague

The Railjet is an Austrian passenger train, which runs to a couple of different countries from major Austrian cities. There are trains to Munich (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Czech Republic), Zurich (Switzerland) and more. In this review, I’ll show you what to expect of the Railjet Second Class. If you are living in Central Europe or have been visiting Europe a couple of times, you’ll know that train travel is a… Read More

Great Western Railway

Great Western Railway (also known as GWR) is operating several train services in the United Kingdom, as the name suggests mostly in the West and South-West of the country as well as in London. The Great Western Railway Second Class sadly leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are the trains relatively old, but the seat pitch is horrible. Read more about the GWR Second Class in our extensive train review!… Read More

EIC Second Class

The Express InterCity (EIC) is a Polish train which mainly connects larger and smaller Polish cities with each other. While I loved the First Class of the Polish Express InterCity Premium, I did find the Second Class of the Express InterCity average at best. Learn more about the experience in our extensive and detailed train review! Traveling in the Express InterCity Second Class was something I wasn’t really keen on to be… Read More

Berlin-Warszawa-Express Second Class

The Berlin-Warszawa Express may not be the fastest way to get from the city center of Berlin to Warsaw, but it definitely is the most comfortable one. The train is operated by Polish Railways (PKP) and offers seating in two classes. While we’ll review the First Class later, this review features the Second Class in the Berlin-Warszawa Express. The Berlin-Warszawa Express may have a special name, but it actually is a normal… Read More

ICE Second Class

ICE (Second Class) – this is neither the most comfortable nor the cheapest way to get around in Germany. However, I’m a huge fan of trains, so I’d definitely recommend to take a train when you are traveling in Germany. Even though I feel like the First Class in ICE trains offers way better value for the money, Second Class is quite fine for shorter trips as well! ICE trains in Germany… Read More