Foz do Iguacu Airport is the airport on the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls. It is located just a few kilometers away from the park as well as the city Foz do Iguacu. You can find more content about the Iguazu Falls on our city page! Be aware that there are two airports at the Iguacu Falls, with Cataratas del Iguazú Airport being the one on the Argentinian side, and the Foz… Read More

O. R. Tambo International Airport

O. R. Tambo International Airport is the biggest airport in South Africa and the main airport of the booming metropolis Johannesburg. Due to its location, O. R. Tambo International Airport also serves as the airport for the capital of South Africa, Pretoria. While serving as a hub for South African Airways, O. R. Tambo International Airport is also the destination of most international flights to South Africa. Find more content about Johannesburg… Read More

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport is the biggest airport in Germany and the third biggest airport in Europe. With four runways, two terminals and nearly 60 million served passengers in 2014, Frankfurt Airport is of enormous importance for air transportation in Germany. Frankfurt Airport serves as a base for the biggest German carrier Lufthansa and has several different shopping and dining areas. Frankfurt Airport got two large passenger terminals, both with several different areas. Terminal… Read More

SLOW Lounge Cape Town Tarmac View

Cape Town International Airport is the second biggest airport in South Africa. It is one of only three airports in the country which is served by major international carriers. Besides the international routes, there are also several domestic flights scheduled. The airport got several lounges, a shopping and dining area and a very good infrastructure. Find more content about Cape Town on our city page! Cape Town International Airport is the second… Read More

Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the third largest airport in Northern Europe. Over the year, more than 20 million passengers arrive and depart at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The biggest airport in Sweden is the one of the hubs of SAS and Norwegian and though has an amazing infrastructure consisting of shops, restaurants, lounges and hotels. Find more content about Stockholm on our city page! Stockholm Arlanda Airport is one of two airports in… Read More

Vienna International Airport

Vienna International Airport is the largest airport in Austria and one of the biggest ones in Continental Europe. The infrastructure at Vienna International Airport is very good. In total, passengers departing from Vienna International Airport can reach more than 170 destinations in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Find more content about Vienna on our city page! With more than 22 million passengers each year, Vienna International Airport… Read More

Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport serves a little less than two million passengers a year. However, it is still the second biggest airport in Austria. Located very close to Salzburg, the airport has a great connection to the city and several holiday destinations in the Alps. Apart from seasonal charter flights, there are also several regular connections, especially to Scandinavia and Germany. Learn more about Salzburg on our city page! Salzburg Airport is a very… Read More

Even though Brussels is one of the smaller cities in Europe, the Brussels Airport (Zaventem) is the 23rd biggest in Europe. With over 22 million passengers and serving as a hub for three airlines, the Brussels Airport is of huge importance. The airport is also known as a shopping paradise and one of the biggest employers in Belgium. You’ll definitely get in contact with the airport at least once in your lifetime…. Read More

As the second biggest city in Switzerland, Geneva got an important airport that is used by several international carriers. Swiss International Airlines as well as EasyJet got a hub at the Geneva International Airport. While Swiss is shifting its focus on its main hub, Zurich, EasyJet is extending its operations each year. To get a good overview about the Geneva Airport, be sure to read our extensive airport guide! Find more content… Read More

The airport of Kaliningrad is only the 18th biggest in Russia. When you have the pleasure to visit the Russian enclave, you’ll see why. The airport is enormously small and there are only a few offered destinations. Most flights are either going to Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Minsk. Moreover, Air Berlin connects Kaliningrad with the German hub Berlin. If you’ll fly to Kaliningrad anyway, you should definitely check out this airport guide as… Read More