Swellendam is a tiny little town in South Africa. Eventually, you stumble upon it when driving the famous Garden Route. But despite its small size, the people living there made a lot out of their town. There’s a whole infrastructure such as ATMs, Restaurants, B&B’s, a pottery, a church as well as a mall. Taking this into account, you can already see that the city of Swellendam is home to rather rich… Read More

Hermanus is a very small town in South Africa about 100 km away from Cape Town. Technically, it is known as the city for whale watchers. However, unlike many other beautiful spots in South Africa, Hermanus turned out to be a real tourist magnet. When we planned our trip in South Africa this August which means winter, we were very keen on visiting Hermanus. Not because of Hermanus per se, but for… Read More

Hermanus Beach
Running in Cape Town

South Africa is not really the perfect destination for everyone who likes running. Nevertheless, I decided to give running in Cape Town a try and was positively surprised. While running in the inner city is pretty much impossible, it was quite nice at the seafront. Even though there are not many dedicated running paths, there’s always a nice route to find. Find more content about Cape Town on our city page! I… Read More

Bus station Cape Town

Transportation in Cape Town is relatively far developed for South African standards. However, there is neither a subway nor a tram system in Cape Town. The Metrorail connects the city with its suburbs, but apart from that, all connections have to be made either by bus or by taxi. Public transportation in South Africa is rarely developed compared to other countries in the world. Cape Town is an exception in this regard… Read More

Several newly presented luxury hotels, different reviews of lounges, cities and hotels as well as guides to make travelling easier for our fellow travelers. That was our week in short! Stunning design, but a heavy price tag: The Reverie Saigon! Our newest transportation guide is ideal for everyone visiting Stuttgart! Impressive building, luxurious rooms and much more: ITC Grand Bharat! Lufthansa is a decent airline. Our review of the long haul Business… Read More

South Africa Roadtrip
SLOW Lounge Johannesburg Buffet

SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is one of two airport lounges of this kind in South Africa. The other is SLOW Lounge Cape Town which we already reviewed earlier. While we were not as impressed as we were in Cape Town, the SLOW Lounge Johannesburg is still a very decent lounge which is definitely worth planning some extra time for! Check out our rating of SLOW Lounge Johannesburg! Located in the domestic terminal, SLOW… Read More

Johannesburg is located in South Africa and is a city I do not wish to return ever. To make it short, I detested this ugly, dirty city. All I wanted was to hide in the hotel and not leave it despite for the airport. But step by step, here’s why I hated Johannesburg. Find more content about Johannesburg on our city page! First of all, all major business seems to take place… Read More

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