Machu Picchu

As part of our trip to South America last year, we visited the famous Inca site Machu Picchu. A must-see on most travellers ‘places to visit list’! Machu Picchu is located on a mountain in the Cusco Region, about 80 kilometres away from Cusco. The Urubamba River flows through the valley below. It is believed to have been constructed in the 15th century, but was abandoned at the time of the Spanish… Read More

Sacred Valley Moray

On our trip to South America, we also had the chance to spend a day in the Sacred Valley. After an adventurous journey to Cusco, we had a driver take us through the Sacred Valley. Before getting to our hotel Casa Andina near Ollantaytambo we stopped at Chinchero, Moray and the Salt Mines of Maras. Chinchero in the Sacred Valley Chinchero is about 30km away from Cusco. This small Andean village consists… Read More

Nugget Point, is a scenic view point on the Southern Scenic Route between Dunedin and Queenstown. It is located at the Caitlins Coast just a short drive away from Kaka Point. Due to the gravel road that leads to the parking lot it is a rather bumpy ride to get there, which is, however, worth the effort. The Nugget Point is probably one of the most prominent sights on this route and… Read More

During our christmas escape to Egypt we visited both Cairo and Alexandria, but the real highlight was our visit of the Pyramids of Giza at the end of trip. Visiting the Pyramids of Giza on the 1st of January this year was definitely the perfect start into a year full of traveling and experiencing the world. The pyramids site is located about 13 km away from Cairo’s city center outside of Cairo and… Read More

Cabo da Roca is a very special place due to its location: This is the most Western point of continental Europe! If you wonder where this is, it is located in Portugal near Lisbon. We decided to go there one evening pretty spontaneously after our city trip to Sintra. But with that, time was running against us – we had to get there before the sun has set! And this turned out to… Read More

Some moments on the road are really strange. Our time in Jakarta was a little weird from the beginning. Why? Because Europeans in Jakarta seem to be something really special. It is not like there wouldn’t be European businessmen in the city, but there are only few tourists. As we are also very young, everyone seemed to be really curious about who we are and what we do. Find more content about… Read More

Bird Park Kuala Lumpur

Even though this may not be a world-famous tourist attraction, it is the world’s largest walk-in bird park: The bird park in Kuala Lumpur (yeah I know, we experienced pretty much in the capital of Malaysia! – Feel free to have a look at our city review). If you’re interested in seeing some pretty rare and exotic birds, a bird park always is a good choice. If it’s on top one of the biggest of… Read More

Cheese Museum Amsterdam

Gouda, Emmentaler, Mozzarella, … sounds like music in your ears? If you can answer this with a huge “yes”, the cheese museum in Amsterdam with a shop may be like paradise for you! When we visited Amsterdam and didn’t want to wait a very long time in a queue before being able to enter the Anne Frank Huis and had already seen many wax figures, we went for something smaller, not that… Read More

Central Station Stuttgart

In our first days we have focused only on reviews about hotels, cities and airlines. Today, we are introducing a new “category”: Trains. In our opinion, high speed trains are getting more and more important every year. On several routes driving by train is more convenient and faster than taking a plane. That’s why we start our “journey” into the train world with a special which will show you one thing at least:… Read More