JAL First Class Lounge Tokyo Narita

Before it’s time to say goodbye to Japan, we have the pleasure waiting at the JAL First Class Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport. The Sushi Bar definitely is a very cool feature! Come back to check whether our full lounge review is online! Advertisements

Room Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Stunning views of Tokyo and its bay –  we could hardly be amazed more by our first impressions of Hilton Odaiba Tokyo! Full review about to come online soon!

Night Skyline Tokyo

First day of discovering Tokyo! The Japanese capital is very widespread, so today we explored the area around Asakusa. More days of exploring and thus an extensive city review are about to come!

Bed InterContinental ANA

Hotel hopping in Tokyo leads us to InterContinental Hotel ANA. As nice as the view is the fact that we were granted early check-in even though we had to wait for a few minutes. The hotel review is about to come soon!

Room InterContinental The Strings Tokyo

Feels almost like a continent per day. We arrived in Asia, in Tokyo in Japan to be more precise. Can’t wait to see the cherry blossom! However, we are first happy to catch some sleep at InterContinental The Strings Tokyo. As always, stay tuned for the full hotel review!