Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is probably not the first city you have in mind when it comes to planning a city trip. But even though Jakarta has no dedicated sightseeing areas, Jakarta is perfect for discovering! Different corners of the city, different impressions, horrible traffic and different styles of life. Our top things to do and see help you for what you should keep an eye out. Be in Jakarta at… Read More

Stockhol Ferries

Stockholm, capital of Sweden, is the biggest city in whole Scandinavia! Moreover, the Swedish government and parliament can be found there. Additionally, Stockholm is known for being a cultural center. Despite all politics, the flair of Stockholm is really unique and Stockholm is a paradise for sightseeing, especially in summer. All you need to know now is what to do and see in Stockholm! Make a journey through the medieval old town… Read More

Rostock, located in the North of Germany, is known for a fresh breathe – no wonder as Rostock is right next to the Baltic Sea. But the Hanseatic city Rostock has so much more to offer than just fresh air and wind! If you are more the type for cities off the beaten track, Rostock is the perfect city to visit. Interested? Here’s what to do and see in Rostock best. Discover… Read More