CrossCountry First Class Seats

CrossCountry is one of the biggest train operators in the United Kingdom. CrossCountry operates on several routes in the United Kingdom from the South to the North. However, the company doesn’t have any trains to or from London, but pretty much everywhere else. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of the CrossCountry First Class. I’ve already reviewed the Great Western Railway Second Class here on traveluxblog and will have… Read More

EIC Second Class

The Express InterCity (EIC) is a Polish train which mainly connects larger and smaller Polish cities with each other. While I loved the First Class of the Polish Express InterCity Premium, I did find the Second Class of the Express InterCity average at best. Learn more about the experience in our extensive and detailed train review! Traveling in the Express InterCity Second Class was something I wasn’t really keen on to be… Read More

Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

The Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to get from the German capital to the Polish one. After taking the train in Second Class for two times, I decided to also give the First Class a try. Surprisingly, I didn’t really notice any difference. After reading this review, you’ll see why there’s no point for paying more just to sit in First Class. I’m kind of… Read More