Marseille TER

Transportation in Marseille is quite easy to understand. Information is available in French and English and the transportation system is quite efficient, the city even comes with a practical underground system. In this transportation guide we’ll explain how you can get around in the city! You can find more content about Marseille on our city page! Marseille is not only one of the major cities in France, it also comes with an… Read More

Dublin Tram

Public Transportation in Dublin is well organized and easy to understand. The system is integrated and allows easy getting around in the city center. In this transportation guide, we’ll give you all the information you need about transportation in Dublin. You can find more content about Dublin on our city page! The capital of Ireland doesn’t have a metro system, which is surprising for a city of this size. However, there is… Read More

Bus Ghent

Transportation in Ghent is quite convenient. If you are travelling to the lovely town in Belgium, you can make use of an easy and reliable transportation system consisting of trams and buses. While the trams and buses might not be the most modern, you still won’t have any problems getting around. Travelling to Ghent is absolutely worth it. A trip gets even more exciting if you make use of the very good… Read More

Bus Cottbus

Transportation in Cottbus can be explained very quickly as there are just trams and buses which organize the whole transportation in the city. As Cottbus is not very big, it’s pretty easy and convenient to get around in the city. In our transportation guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the trams, buses and taxis in Cottbus! Find more content about Cottbus on our city page! Cottbus has a decent… Read More

Tram Brussels

Transportation in Brussels looks complicated at first sight. There are not only several train stations, but also the metro, trams, buses, taxis and some special means of transport. Our transportation guide for Brussels helps you to get around and find the perfect means of transport! Find more content about Brussels on our city page! Brussels has several train stations with Gare du Midi being the most important one. From this station, most… Read More

Tram The Hague

Transportation in The Hague is easily understood as the system is not very complicated. Even though there are actually different operators of the means of public transportation, passengers won’t have too many problems with the ticketing systems as there is one price for all trams and buses. Only the single metro line E, which is part of the Rotterdam Metro, comes with a special fare. Find more content about The Hague on… Read More

Tram Bucharest

Transportation in Bucharest is fairly complicated. As Bucharest has one of the most extensive, but rarely interconnected public transportation network, passengers need to inform themselves prior travelling with buses, trams or the metro. Taxis are rather cheap and are the most common means of transportation by visitors of Bucharest. Find more content about Bucharest on our city page! Bucharest is not only the Romanian capital, it is also the biggest city in the… Read More

Train Frankfurt

Transportation in Frankfurt is extremely easy for tourists. There are several different means of transportation including trains, the so-called S-Bahn (a light rail system), the metro, trams, buses and taxis. Due to the population of Frankfurt and the nearby areas, the frequencies of public transportation are very high. This makes the use extremely comfortable and easy. Find more content about Frankfurt on our city page! Frankfurt is one of the main hubs… Read More

Tram in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a modern and well-developed transportation system. This makes transportation in Rotterdam absolutely flawless and very easy for everyone who wants to get from A to B with public transport. Taxis are also available, but slightly more expensive than the means of public transportation. Nearly all means of transportation are accessible. Find more content about Rotterdam on our city page! Transportation in Rotterdam is organized by a combination of a metro,… Read More

Trolleybus in Athens

Transportation in Athens is a little more difficult than in most other European cities. The Greek capital has a public transportation network consisting of buses, trams, metro lines and even a funicular. Some of the buses are so-called trolleybuses. Moreover, there are hundreds of taxis in the city which are relatively cheap, but definitely not very modern. Find more content about Athens on our city page! Athens is not only the biggest… Read More