Préfecture Montpellier

Montpellier is the third largest city in Southern France after Marseille and Nice. After our first visit to Montpellier ended in a snowy disaster earlier this year, I opted for another visit during May. Let’s say I barely even recognized the city the second time around. The first time we arrived, there were about five to ten centimetres of snow and everything was at a standstill – no public transportation, cars got… Read More

Koh Samui, Thailand

There are many perks related to travelling – you get to meet new people, try different food, enjoy various landscapes and architecture. But among all these you also get to catch a glimpse of beautiful sunsets from all over the world – if you are a morning person, unlike me, you can also often see magnificient sunrises! We have travelled to many different countries over the last two years and have been… Read More

As I’m kind of a fitness freak, staying fit while travelling plays an important role for me. Usually, I’m running every second day, while on the other one I’m going to the gym. With travelling a lot, this schedule is tough to follow. Nevertheless, it is possible to stay fit while travelling by following a few rules. Travelling for me usually means either going up early or falling asleep late. Sometimes, we… Read More

Tower Bridge London

Almost everybody travels once in his or her lifetime. Some start loving it and some are just glad when they come back home again. Destination plays an important role on the outcome as well as the way one gets there and the duration of the stay. Well, London was really not my first time to travel, although it was definitely something special in all regards. The very first argument for it is… Read More