Montreal Bus

Transportation in Montreal is organized by train, an underground metro as well as buses. In this transportation guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about getting around in the city! You can find more content about Montreal on our city page! Montreal does not only have an extensive public transportation network in the city itself, but also further outside. For example, there are daily train services to several cities in the… Read More

DoubleTree Warsaw Convention Centre Pool

The DoubleTree Warsaw Convention Centre might be located far away from the actual city, but it offers an amazing value for the money. In this review, we’ll explain what you can expect from staying here! You can find more content about Warsaw on our city page! While I think that the DoubleTree definitely shouldn’t be your first choice if you have business to attend in Warsaw itself, I’d recommend checking it out… Read More

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Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Seat

The Swiss First Class in the Boeing 777 might be one of the best flight experiences you’ll ever experience. Join me in this review to learn more about why flying in the Swiss First Class is such an incredible experience, which is topped by the new aircraft! Swiss is operated a fleet of three different long haul aircraft, the Airbus A330, the Airbus A340 and the Boeing 777. The latter is the… Read More

Buenos Aires MetroBus

Transportation in Buenos Aires is among the best systems in whole South America. The city does not only have a long history when it comes to the underground system and tram system, but till today has a very good transportation system. You can find more content about Buenos Aires on our city page! While transportation in Sao Paulo is hardly amazing, the situation in Buenos Aires is totally different. While Argentina doesn’t… Read More

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is especially known for its “Little Mermaid”. Anyway, Copenhagen has so much more to offer, even in a cold autumn month. We explored the city not on foot, but with a boat, were freezing and desperately searching for a place in a café. With success? Unfortunately, nope. Nevertheless, the so-called “Happy Wall” made us smile despite the cold. Admittedly, everyone is aware of the tendencially cold temperature… Read More

On Monday, we arrvied back from Abu Dhabi and Zurich, on Saturday we boarded our plane to Kaliningrad. As you see, we were busy travelling once again. Meanwhile, we released content from all over the world. Be it airlines, hotels or cities, on traveluxblog we had everything last week. We hope you enjoyed our content and thank you for your ongoing support of our blog! The first post this week focused on one… Read More

If you are going to visit Jakarta, you’ll be spoiled for choice. The capital of Indonesia got several luxury hotels that are priced pretty much the same. As it is placed first on Tripadvisor, we decided to give the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta a try. After our stay we can definitely recommend the hotel, as the facilities are just amazing, so are the employees. Check out our hotel rating for The Mandarin Oriental… Read More