The Esenboga International Airport Ankara is the fourth biggest airport in Turkey. It is located relatively far away from the city and is mainly important for domestic flights. In this airport guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about Ankara Airport! You can find more content about Ankara on our city page! Ankara Airport is only the fourth biggest airport in the country as it’s smaller than both Istanbul Airports and… Read More

Conrad Istanbul Outdoor Pool

The Conrad Istanbul is the flagship property of Hilton in Istanbul. The luxury hotel offers a high level of comfort, but surprisingly small rooms. Check out this extensive hotel review to learn more about the property. You can find more content about Istanbul on our city page! I’m a huge fan of the Conrad brand and I’ve stayed at nearly a dozen of the hotels yet. Among my experiences are the Conrad… Read More

Buses Ankara

Transportation in Ankara is well organized with a system of buses and a well-developed metro system. In this transportation guide we’ll explain what you need to know about getting around in Ankara! You can find more content about Ankara on our city page! Ankara is not only Turkey’s capital, it’s also the second most important city after Istanbul. Thus, there were some major investments in the last years, making Ankara a very… Read More

Ankara Old Town

Ankara is not only the capital of Turkey, but also an interesting city to visit for tourists. There are several historic and cultural sights. In this city guide, we’ll explain why Ankara is well worth visiting. You can find more content about Ankara on our city page! I wasn’t really sure what to expect of visiting Ankara. Seriously, I only knew that Ankara was the capital of Turkey and didn’t think about… Read More

Visiting Ankara right now might not sound like the best idea, but I’m quite happy that I did it anyway. The city comes with quite a lot of interesting historic and modern buildings. Here are some first impressions of the city! Stay tuned for our extensive city review!

For my quick visit to Ankara, I decided to stay at HiltonSA Ankara. The property is located in the diplomatic quarter as most other luxury hotels and got renovated lately. Sadly, I wasn’t assigned one of the new rooms. Yet, my Junior Suite wasn’t bad anyway. Here are some impressions! Stay tuned for our extensive hotel review here on traveluxblog!

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum Deck

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum is one of the newest Mandarin Oriental Resorts on the planet. All guests can enjoy an incredible luxury experience at the modern property which comes with spacious rooms, amazing views of the ocean and endless leisure opportunities. Two large sand beaches, five pools, a full-service Spa and unlimited loungers on the resort. Is there anything you want more? An idyllic location is one of the most important aspects of… Read More

City Raffles Istanbul

There are several luxury hotels we already stayed at, but there are many more we did not have the chance to visit yet. Anyways, we got many on our itinerary already. In a new section on our blog we look at recently opened or renovated hotels that will most likely be worth a visit. Today we start with the Raffles Istanbul¬†which¬†just opened three days ago. Istanbul offers many luxury retreats. Since September… Read More