After having lived in Exeter for the last three years, it is about time to write a city guide. Exeter is in the South-West of England about half an hour away from the sea. Its location makes it an ideal stop-over on a journey to Cornwall. You can find more content about Exeter on our city page! Exeter itself is a little town filled with thousands of students, but also with a… Read More


For Valentine’s day this year, Moritz and I decided to explore Windsor Castle. The residence of the royal family has a long history and consists of a fortification, the palace itself, staff houses as well as a chapel. As such there is quite a lot to explore at the castle. You can find more content about Windsor and Eton on our city page! You can find more information for planning your visit… Read More

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and the eleventh largest city in the UK. It is situated in the south of Wales and hosts a number of sporting facilities such as the largest stadium of the entire United Kingdom. You can find more content about Cardiff on our city page! While we didn’t expect much of the weather in fall, Cardiff surprised us with lots of sun which made our trip truly… Read More

Bristol City Hall

Bristol is a city located in South West England. While it is not the most popular city in the UK, it has been featured by many travel guides and was named in 2014 as the best UK city to live in. You can find more content about Bristol on our city page! Due to its proximity to Exeter, where I currently study, I have visited Bristol a few times. While the city… Read More

Birmingham Statue

Birmingham, situated in the West Midlands, is the second largest city of the UK and has gained a prominent role in UK history during the Industrial Revolution. Find more content about Birmingham on our city page! The many museums today still hint at its important role in British manufacturing history as it was here where the industrial steam engine was invented. Nowadays the city gleams as an international commercial centre and an… Read More

Bus London

London is a city probably every traveler has on his or her bucket list or has already been to. Even though London is known for its rainy weather all year round, that won’t hinder anyone to visit the British capital. As London has so much to offer when it comes to sightseeing, here are our top things to do and see in the city of London! Go for a ride on London… Read More

Manchester is mainly famous for its soccer clubs, but the city itself has a rich history which results in a kind of unique city scape. Having played a key role in the Industrial Revolution, architecture and the industrious character remind of this time. Thus, Manchester is quite perfect for a bit of time travel! However, there are a few special things which you will get to know when reading our top things… Read More


Manchester is mainly famous for its two very successful soccer clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City. Even though Manchester’s history dates back to Roman times, the city of Manchester played a key role when it comes to the Industrial Revolution. Therefore, Manchester’s city scape is characterized by buildings and architecture of then, but some modern houses crept in as well. Find more content about Manchester on our city page! Answering that the… Read More

London Eye

May I introduce? – London, a city in the heart of England with a very steady weather known as rainy. Sadly, our time in London with all its attractions such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Oxford Street, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and so on and so on has come to an end, but not without being ‘honored’ on our blog before!

One Aldwych London

London is expensive, and the One Aldwych London is no exception. Such a hefty price tag for such a small room does hurt. However, the room is elegantly designed and chic, yet not spacious!