As you may have noticed, we travel a lot. Almost every weekend, another destination is on our list. Mostly, these are city trips. We have been in cities on four different continents, although admittedly mostly in Europe due to logistic reasons. However, we decided to elect one of the cities we liked the most on each continent! Africa: Cape Town, South Africa During our summer holiday, we made a longer trip through… Read More

Bus Vilnius

Transportation in Vilnius is organized by buses, trolleybuses and taxis. There is a subway project still in discussion, but it is unclear if it will happen anytime soon. There are also plans to maybe transform the planned metro in a tram. At the moment, transportation in Vilnius is quite cheap, but many buses are old and information in English is rare. Find more content about Vilnius on our city page! When you… Read More

Vilnius Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe. With close to three million passengers, Vilnius Airport is only the second biggest airport in the Baltic States. However, there are several international connections between Vilnius and other capitals in Europe. Especially low-cost carriers dominate the market at Vilnius Airport which is quite enjoyable for passengers. Find more content about Vilnius on our city page! With just one runway and one… Read More

IDW Esperanza Lounge Vilnius Seating

IDW Esperanza Lounge Vilnius is the only lounge available on the small airport. Access is granted for frequent flyers of selected airlines, Business class passengers as well as holders of Priority Pass. We couldn’t resist to give the lounge a shot and were satisfied with the comfort of seating and the relaxing atmosphere. However, the food offered was just average. Check out our rating of IDW Esperanza Lounge Vilnius! When departing from… Read More

National Museum of Lithuania

Lithuania has a very troubled, but also rich history. When we visited Vilnius, we decided to pay the National Museum of Lithuania a visit. The entrance fee is low and the museum itself was quite satisfying. Something worth mentioning as well was the kind and helpful stuff who made the experience very special! Learn more about Vilnius on our city page! Lithuania as a state occurred in the 13th century for the very… Read More

Cathedral Square and Tower Vilnius

Vilnius is a city many probably haven’t heard of so far. Which is such a pity as Vilnius is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever visited. Awesome old town, impressive churches, breathtaking views from Castle Hill and local specialties like Blini made our day there just perfect! Find more content about Vilnius on our city page! Even though it is the capital of Lithuania, one of the Baltic States and… Read More

Two days, two capitals! We are looking back on a very enjoyable and lovely day in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is much more beautiful than we expected, especially the old town is an absolute must-see!