Ahn Luh Zhujiajiao Entrance

The Ahn Luh Zhujiajiao is a luxury hotel close to Shanghai in the historic water town of Zhujiajiao. In this extensive review, we’ll explain what you can expect of this special property and why we think that it is a bit overpriced! Shanghai has plenty of amazing luxury hotels, but if you are looking for a treat further away from the city center, the options get a bit more limited. Classification: Five… Read More

Zhujiajiao Fengshen Bridge View

The Zhujiajiao Water Town is a well-preserved historic city close to Shanghai in China. In this destination guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about visiting! The modern China is more about skyscrapers and big malls than about history and culture. There are obviously a few exceptions, including the fascinating and famous Chinese Wall or some remainings of Portuguese influences in Macau. Another one is the Zhujiajiao Water Town, which is… Read More