It’s Christmas Eve and this means it’s time for a very special post! In our year end series, we want to honor the top five hotels we stayed at this year. There are hundreds of amazing hotels on this planet. Surely, we were not able to stay at all in 2015, but we had the pleasure to at least enjoy some very special properties. These deserve some special Christmas honoring! You can’t… Read More

Zulu Camp at Shambala Public Area

Zulu Camp at Shambala is one of the most exclusive lodges in South Africa. Located 200 kilometers away from Johannesburg, the lounge offers luxurious accommodation, personalized service and the chance to see incredible wildlife. Even though the prices are high, staying at Zulu Camp at Shambala is worth every penny. Zulu Camp at Shambala is located a few kilometers away from the remote town of Vaalwater. Classification: None Room Category: Luxury Thatched… Read More